Event Security Guard Duties at Parties

Event security guard duties for festival/parties: Clients who are new in the party and events security hire, crowd control hire and are not sure of the purpose or duties of a party, events, and festival security guards should read this. Some clients might think when you hire security for parties or events that their job is to stand at the door as bouncers and be a hard face in the midst of joyful celebrations!

Well, that is only one of the duties, but there are other important duties of the party and events security guards that you might not be aware of. So, enjoy reading this article and click on each heading and read the interesting duties of security guards!

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 Event Crowd Control Duties

This article on the ‘Duties of Event Security Guards’ contains exciting party and events security guards tips, that would give you ROI and will help make your party/event a success. Also, this content will help enhance the guest experience and improve the safety of your patrons! That means you are likely to have a much higher number of invited guests turn up to your party, events or festival etc.

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Guest List

Part of the ‘Duties of Event Security Guards’ is to check the guest list. So, as clients we recommend you make a guest list and if possible the names should be in alphabetical first name order. Make sure you make multiple copies for easy name checks at the door by multiple event security guards or staff.

We also encourage clients to inform the party security companies of any omission or update to the list, so all security guards have a current guest list.

Eviction Of Unruly Guests

Most people hire party and events security for this purpose, ‘eviction of an unruly guest.’ Yes, sometimes, there is always one guest who might have had too much to drink, or who have got one problem or the other. So, before they stop your party, you can ask your party security guards to show them the way out, and if possible call the Police to move them-on if they refuse to leave the premises.

Guest Safety Escort

One important duty of event security guards is escorting your guests or patrons to their cars. Especially female patrons who might be leaving early and alone. I will also suggest, you request your party security guard to provide mobile escort to the closest train or bus station to any of your guests who might feel unsafe walking alone in the dark. Though if you have such a plan in mind, make sure you let the security company know ahead as it might require extra guard and extra cost.

Wrist Band

We often recommend that the client supplies patrons identification wrist band, or they can ask the security company to provide some at client cost. So, all patrons on the guest list will have the wrist band on them at all times. The wrist band helps the party and events security guard identify guest who might want to exit the venue for a quick smoke break or other personal reasons; upon return, party security can identify the patrons with the wrist band, and grant them quick access to the party again.


We also recommend that clients supply stamps where wrist bands are not available, or you can ask the security company to provide the special party stamps to be used for all patrons who are on the guest list. We believe the wrist bands are a better option.

Guest ID Checks

Party security guards can request patrons who claim to be on the guest list, to provide a photo ID; such a request could be rare, except if there genuine suspicion on the true identity of the guest.

Venue Assessment

You can ask the security company to provide venue security assessment; to check the suitability of your party/events venue, the number of guests ratio to the venue, and see if there might be any risk that could arise during the event.

First Aid Supplies

If the venue that will be hosting the party does not have a standard First Aid bag or Trauma Kit, You can ask the event security company if they can supply their own First Aid Kit. Take note in Australia, all security guards are trained Level Two First Aid Officers.

Metal Detectors

Party and events security can use metal detectors to scan patrons. Such duties or strategies are mostly used in large outdoor events, parties or at risk festivals. You can request the security company use metal detectors to check for knives, guns or any dangerous weapon.

Police Call

It is a standard professional security practice to give your local police a courtesy call a few days before your party and let them know about it. The security company can assist the client by informing the local Police about your party/events so that they can include the venue in their routine patrol, and if you don’t want the police informed, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you are in Victoria Australia, you can register your party here with the Police; Party Safe Victoria.

Responsible Services Of Alcohol Duties (RSA)

This is a very important task that you can assign to your party and events security officers to monitor that alcohol is not served to underage or an intoxicated guest.

Car Park & Trafic Control

Whether the party or event is being hosted at home or at a venue, party and events security guards can assist you in making sure, all guest-vehicle are parked at the designated parking spots. Also making sure no cars are parked at neighboring houses, business driveways or lawns.

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Our management and security guards have a vast amount of experience in event and party security guards in Melbourne. That is why we have made this information ‘duties of event security guards’ to help our readers and potential clients!

We are always delighted to take our client’s party and events security worries and make them ours. Also, we will help make your party and events celebration run smoothly!

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