Corporate Security Services | Its Importance

Corporate Security Services | Its Importance to Your Business

So many companies always wonder, what is the benefit of hiring corporate security services in their business. They also ask whether it is beneficial to their business or company. And also if there is an ROI.

Below is a short blog I made; from years of security experience in the Security Industry. And how beneficial it is to utilise the services of corporate security services.


I hope you enjoy the blog and if you require our expertise in corporate security services, or security guard services, please feel free to contact us.


Corporate Security Services | Roles and Services

Reception and Admin: Contracting your front of desk/ Reception duties to a Security Company Like Security Concepts Services, not only would it save you money, but it will provide your business Reception staff who is also trained in Customer Service, Certified in First Aid-who can also serve as part of your Business First Aid Officers.
We Supply you Reception staff that comes as Licensed Private Security Officers. We will make sure the Corporate Security/Reception Staff we supply are familiar with your business and organisation training and policies.

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Concierge and Customer Service: I can not explain all the importance of having our Licensed Corporate Security Guards, serve as your business Concierge and Customer Service staff, just as the above spoke about ‘value for money’ so it applies to our Security Officers being your Business-Concierge/Customer service staff; not only are we licensed, our Security Officer’s tend to be more professional, disciplined and does exactly what the Client instructions, training and SOP’s requires them to do, it also saves your business money.

Control Room and Monitoring: Our Security Officers are Licensed and trained in CCTV Control Room, Fire Installation Panel (FIP) Monitoring and Operations and also serve as Fire Wardens. We understand what it means for the Client to have Privacy and non-disclosure Policies of ‘controlled’ footage and also trained on how to communicate with emergency services personnel and the press.

Patrol and Guest Transfer: Yes you have heard of mobile patrol; but are you aware we can create a new system for your business, to help transport, transfer some of your guest, clients or patrons within your facility; or where they feel unsafe, we can on-foot or mobile transfer them to the nearest bus station, car park, train station or somewhere safe.

Providing such service helps assure your patrons, guest that you are not worried only about the business security but also the security of everyone that patronises your facility/business and that in turn increases customers to your business/facility.
Security Concepts Services can design and implement this safety transfer programme tailored made for your business.

Duty Manager/Management: Security Concepts Services can provide highly trained, licensed and experienced Private Security Officers and Managers, to look after your property, facility, business. As Acting Duty Manager, Duty Managers or Operations Manager. You would be saving money by contracting this responsibility to us and you won’t be bothered about HR headache as we will be dealing with it all.


Corporate Security Services | How We Can Help You

There are other ways Security Concepts can help you save money by being your Corporate Security Services providers, we can design and implement a new approach to providing Licensed Security Officers to support your in-house staff and business and help improve productivity.

Please contact us Security Concepts Services today for a quote, questions or special tailored request.

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