Corporate Security Hire Melbourne | Its Importance to Your Business

Corporate security hires Melbourne. So many companies always wonder, what is the benefit of utilizing corporate security services for their properties, building, or facilities? As a building or facility manager, I would encourage you to read through this article before you hire corporate concierge security services, it will help you get an ROI or know exactly what to get.

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Are you looking for bespoke security concierge services for your property or facility? Perhaps you will enjoy reading our article today as it will help explain the importance of Corporate Security Hire Melbourne in the form of Security Concierge Services.


Corporate Security Services | Roles and Services

Reception and Administration: Contracting your front of desk/reception duties to a security company, such as Security Concepts Services, not only would save you money, but it will provide your business with reception staff who are trained in customer service and certified in First Aid, who can also serve as part of your business’ First Aid officers.
We supply reception staff that come as Licensed Private Security Officers. We will make sure the Corporate Security/Reception Staff we supply are familiar with your business and organization training and policies.

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Concierge and Customer Service: it will take the whole day to explain the various importance of having our Licensed Corporate Security Guards serve as your Facility and Building Concierge Personnel. Our security concierge personnel are vastly experienced in customer service and security protocols. So that means your facility or building is getting value for money, by hiring concierge personnel who have also licensed security officers. Not to forget the fact they are also disciplined and follow through on client instructions, training, and protocols.

Control Room and Monitoring: Our Security Officers can perform the following:

  • Licensed and trained in CCTV Control Room
  • Fire Installation Panel (FIP) Monitoring and Operations
  • Serve as Fire Wardens
  • Lift and Stairwell Check Patrols
  • Access Control
  • Guest or Tennant Services
  • Building and Facility Management Services
  • Dedicated Mobile Patrol
  • Incident Management and Reporting

We understand what it means for the client to have privacy and non-disclosure policies of ‘controlled’ footage and also trained on how to communicate with emergency services personnel and the press.

Patrol and Guest Transfer: We can create a bespoke mobile patrol service for your business property. This building dedicated patrol service can also help to transport, transfer some of your guests, tenants, clients, or patrons within your facility, or to their safe destination. Examples of such are we can do on-foot or mobile transfers your patron to the nearest bus station, car park, train station, or somewhere safe.

Providing such service helps assure your patrons that you are not concerned only about your business security but equally concerned about every guest’s welfare. Security Concepts Services can design and implement this safety transfer program tailored made for your business or facility.

Duty Manager/Management: Security Concepts Services can provide highly trained, and experienced Duty or Facility Managers, to look after your property, facility, business, utilizing our Duty Managers or Operations Manager. You would be saving money by contracting this responsibility to us and you won’t be bothered by HR headaches as we will be dealing with it all.


Corporate Security Services | How We Can Help You

There are other ways Security Concepts can help you save money by being your Corporate Security Services or Corporate Concierge services providers. We can design and implement a new approach to providing Licensed Security Officers to support your in-house staff and business and help improve productivity.

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