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concierge services Melbourne CBD

corporate concierge services | concierge services Melbourne CBD

Concierge services Melbourne CBD. Corporate concierge services; security concepts services offer our clients corporate concierge staff, as a one-off or on a retainer basis. Please learn more about our specialist services.


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Our corporate concierge staff comes trained in quality customer service, trained in first aid level 2 and are also licensed by the Victorian Police as private security guards.

Though they would be wearing a suit and tie, or as designated by the client. Our corporate concierge staff are eloquent, have a great command of the English language and will be periodically trained, by our security management team. To make sure they deliver consistent quality customer service to our clients and all patrons.


Corporate Concierge Melbourne CBD

Our corporate concierge staff are well behaved and mannered and will adhere to the client’s sops and standing orders.

We offer other specialist security guarding solutions, aside from corporate concierge. such services we offer are; assisting our clients as admin or support staff. Corporate security guards etc.


We can deploy corporate concierge staff to our clients all over Victoria, as well as other licensed private security guard services.


Security Concepts Services, is a Licensed Concierge Services Melbourne CBD, Licensed by the Victorian Police.

We offer the Following Licensed Security Guard and Concierge Services. Whether it is private Event or Private Functions we will provide you with the best suitable Security Guards for your Event.

  • Private Functions Security Melbourne CBD
  • Birthday Party Security Guard Melbourne CBD
  • Concierge Staff & Security Guard
  • Sporting Events Security Guards
  • Schools Security Guard
  • Corporate Security Guards
  • Residential Security Guards
  • Retail Security Guards
  • Retailer Loss Prevention Officers

By going with us, you will benefit from working with an ethical security guard company, that only deliver top quality service delivery to our clients. deploying corporate concierge staff and other security guard services all over Melbourne.


You will also save money, by having some of the best corporate concierge staff and security guards working for you. Because they will be courteous and pleasant to your patron and also making sure your site, office and premises are safe for all your customer and employees.

We give our client a very good rate for our Guards and we give a better discount on long term hire or contract. Please contact us today for a Free affordable Quote and Risk Assesment||

If you require a quick quote for security hire in Melbourne send us an email or click below.

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