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Security Company | Security Guard Melbourne

Security Concepts Services is a Security Guard company in Melbourne that provides Private Security Guards to all clients 24/7; we can provide ADHOC or Emergency Security Guards to look after your business, warehouse, facility, property or asset within a short notice period of 30mins to 1 hour.

Is your business, property having issues with its locks? Have you experienced some security scare or breach at your property or asset? Are you worried if you go home-over night something might happen to your business, property or assets? Do you have that feeling your facility might be a target of vandals or criminals?


Security Company | Don’t Linger in Worries

You don’t need to worry any longer, give us call or email|| today, we are among the best security guards companies in Melbourn, and we can provide you with the right licensed security guards to look after your facility, property or business while you are away sleeping; our security guards would be on uniform, will be awake and alert- patrolling your business at a set-intervals to make sure there is no un-authorised person at your facility, property or company.

We will also send you an end of shift email report to update you on how the patrol went at your facility or business.

In case we spot any suspicious or un-authorised person at your facility or property, we will ask to identify them, and if they are not supposed to be there, we request they leave, and possibly call the police to report, such suspicious person.

Once again when you are faced with an emergency and you need an ADHOC Security Guard for the night, or you require an Emergency Security Guard for the night, any time of the day, please feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to send the right security guard to look after your facility, asset or business.

Security Company | Why you might Consider Change

To understand why you might require overnight security guards for your business, please check the following news of break an enter into businesses.

Robbers thwarted after Breaking into Business

Café robber two nights in a row

Also check this important Link by the Tasmanian Police, on Robbery prevention.

You have to understand…while you have worked hard to build or manage a business, and also while you have worked hard during the day, there are those who are busy sleeping at home during the day getting ready to start robbing, breaking into businesses, shops, facilities and properties of others by night.

Some of these individuals are just opportunistic, who only take advantage of any giving opportunity they find to steal; so don’t take chances with your business, property or facility- if there is that chance that your locks, property won’t  fully secure the way you want it to be, please ring a 24/7 security guards company like security concepts services so we can provide you with licensed private security guards at an affordable rate to look after your business; the security of your facility, property or business is our priority!

Security Company | Retail Security and other Services

We are a business that also provides retail security guards; we also supply retail loss prevention officers, security concepts also provide corporate security guards, concierge staff or security concierge.

Not only that we provide the following range of services too; party security guards, private functions security guards, crowd control for festivals and major events, wedding security guard service, birthday party security guards. We also provide licensed security guards for schools, and we can provide school security guards who have Working With Children Check.


Security Company | Warehouse and Factory

Do you  want security guards for your warehouse, security guards for your facility, security guard for your apartment building or you want security guard just to look after your retail store, whether it is covert retail security or uniformed security retail security guards- we are a security guards company that can provide you with the right kind of security guard at a very affordable and cheap rate.

If you also want security guards that will look after your residential building, a security guard that will be positioned outside your house or property, a security guard that will be outside your property- call us today, and we can do that for you.

We are a professional Security company, we look after our Security Guards, and none of our employees is underpaid, so our clients can only have the best Security Guards to look after their business, property and assets.

We are a Security Guard Facility Management company that does what we promise our clients, we do not take corners- and we pride ourself as an ethical security guard company.

Check out some of our Services:

-Festivals Security Guards

-Major Event Security Guard

-Shopping Centre Security Guard

-Private Functions Security Guard

-Music festival Security

-Residential Security

-VIP Functions Security Guard

-Retail Loss Prevention

-Concierge Staff

-Crowd Control


Security Company | Security Guard Melbourne

Please don’t let your business be the victim of a theft or robbery that you can prevent. What you will spend on securing your company for the night is little compared to the damage to your property, business or facility, and loss of stock that you might suffer from these criminals.

Once again while you are asleep, our Licensed Security Guards will look after your assets and business with great dedication and professionalism!

Call us Today|0403-411-44-73| or email us || for a free quote and risk assement.


Security Company | A Security Company you can trust



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