Scam Prevention Consultants

Online Relationships, Business & Travel

African Anti-Scam Services

Security Concepts Services offers a unique service of anti-fraud investigation in Africa; with the main focus in West Africa.

Our service is to help our clients who are located outside Africa. Possibly you are in a business transaction or in an online relationship and are requiring a third party to help ascertain if the company or the Individual are not a scammer or a fraudster.

We have agents, especially in West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana etc.) that can be deployed to serve as your representative, or to verify the legitimacy of the company or individual you are dealing with.

We will be working with law enforcement agencies in those countries, to make sure you are not dealing with scammers or fraudsters, so you don’t end up losing money or time to a fraudulent business or relationship.

Our trained, African anti-fraud agents understand the terrain and their expertise help saves you a lot of money.

Online Relationship Scam

For clients who might be in an online relationship with someone in Africa, and you might be worried if they are who they claim to be. Our job is to make sure we do a covert check on them, their supposed resident address and find out more information about them. We understand that this is a sensitive investigation, but we can assure we will be discrete in our operations.

We can go to the extent of completing a verification test on them to see if they are genuine. Our agents will do this on your behalf, so you don’t have to spend money or compromise your safety flying to Africa to verify.

We will provide you with a report on our findings, for you to decide what next step to take.

Overseas Business

Our aim is to see that our clients do not fall into the hands of scammers or fraudsters parading themselves as businessmen and online companies. Our agent’s job is to dig up about your Africa business associates or company and to let you know if they are a genuine company or not.

Our agents can also connect you with local law and accounting firms that may represent you. We will provide you with a report on our findings, for you to decide what next step to take.

Travel Security/Minder

Are you planning on going to Africa on an overseas trip, whether it is business, holiday or visiting family and friends? We can make a contingency plan for you by organising the following:

  • A bodyguard, security guard or minder to watch over you while you are visiting in most African countries

  • Accommodation, hotel or apartment that you will be renting or staying

  • Affordable car hire service

  • Investigate and make an adequate risk assessment of where you will be staying or visiting and give you a safety report

  • Lawyers or any other professional services you might require in Africa

  • Background checks on a business you are planning to transact with

  • Background checks on individuals

  • Agents to act as your representatives on the ground in Africa.