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Melbourne Retail Security | Important Retail Business Security Tips

If you manage, own a retail store or retail business at a shopping centre or just a stand-alone store; I am sure you must have seen, seen or perhaps experienced stock theft, loss of merchandise in yours or other retail business before.

Maybe you are new, or about to go into a retail business, and you'd like to understand how you can better improve your store security. Before I move any further; I would like to let you know our write up, and knowledge of retail store security or retail business security comes from many years of retail working in the retail and shopping centre security industry. So, we are going to share vital security tips, ideas and advice on how to protect, minimise shrinkage, prevent theft and loss of merchandise and also save you money.

Retail security tips; our focus today would be on after-hours retail theft, breaking into retail stores, businesses, shopping centre and kiosk. And how to prevent such from happening to your retail business.

Few Simple Tips

CCTV Cameras: This is one of my favourites; most would be thief/burglars always survey the retail business or retail store before they carry out their act. One of the first thing they look for is; whether you have got inside-store CCTV cameras, they also check if you have got any external CCTV cameras outside your store or business.

The moment these criminals notice cameras, whether inside or outside the retail store, the chances of them stealing or breaking into your business dramatically reduces, and in most cases, they would prefer to target a retail store or retail shop that has got no CCTV cameras.

There are two essential reasons why criminals would prefer not to steal from a retail store or retail business with CCTV Cameras;

  1. They don’t want to be identified and arrested by the police after their crime
  2. 30% - 50% of offenders caught committing retail theft are repeat offenders. So that means the police are most likely going to identify them very easy. They also might be breaching their parole, that’s why CCTV is critical to have in and outside your store. If you can't afford to install a working CCTV-cameras, get the cheap dud-CCTV-camera’s, it’s very cheap, and it’s a good deterrent too.

Alarm Monitoring: If you are worried about the after-hours security of your retail store, kiosk or retail business, then alarm monitoring is another cheap alternative- get in touch with an alarm monitoring and response company, ask them how to go about installing alarm sensors in your store.

Any time there is an intrusion, or anything suspicious triggers the alarm- a signal will be sent to the monitoring company who will then dispatch a security patrol to your store or business to have a look and see what's going on.

Signage: getting a sign and displaying at the front entrance of your store, business or even at the back-end if your store is on the roadside, it’s an excellent deterrent too.

Such signs could be ‘ there is 24/7 CCTV surveillance on this business, X.Y.Z Security Company protects this retail store. Cash is not kept on this premises, this business has got a regular security patrol etc.’ Try and get a good deterrent security sign; such signs are very cheap, and they do a great job keeping criminals off your business, retail store.

Cash Register: If your retail store or business is close to the walkway or footpath, then I will advise you adopt this method after trading hours; to remove all your daily-takings home, pull out the cash register so passers-by can see it is open and empty.

At first, it may sound like a bad idea, but most cash register that is left pulled-out and empty sends a psychological message to any would-be burglar. That all cash has been removed from the store or business.

Display Items: Especially for Jewellery stores, or any retail stores or business that sells expensive merchandise. My advice is always to remove any expensive items that you might have displayed around your store windows, or that is open-view for passers-by after trading hours.

A lot of theft happens because the opportunistic offender got tempted by what they see; so take away any expensive merchandise that could be in the view of the public during after-hours.

Kiosk: If you are the owner of a retail kiosk in a shopping centre or local market; you will know that a significant amount of burglary happens after trading hours. One of the reason is, some kiosk owners often leave in plain-view expensive machinery and merchandise at their kiosk after-trade.

My advice, expensive machinery needs to be removed from the kiosk after-trade, or properly hidden  proper wrapping of all kiosk stocks or goods, so no stock is left exposed to passers-by to see and get tempted to steal.

If possible, always get a secured display cabinet that can be locked once you have completed trade for the day.

Locks and Shutters: This is very important, I have seen on many occasion, retailers or business owners; after a long day of work, they leave their store or business without adequately securing their shutters and locks.

Sometimes it is just a one-off mistake, but I will advise after the day’s trade, that you always double or triple check your retail store or retail business locks or shutters are adequately secured.

I have seen where questionable characters wonder-around at night, trying their luck to see if they can find any retail store or business not properly secured.

Also, if you are having issues with your locks or shutters, make sure you or your staff member remains in the store or business until a locksmith arrives and fix the problem. And if you are unable to get after hours locksmith, please call a retail security company near you and request for overnight security guards.

In the long run, it will cost you less to hire an overnight security guard at your store or business, than to let a criminal damage your entry doors/shutters, and possibly steal merchandise worth thousands of dollars; leaving you with loss of trade hours, many hours of insurance company paperwork or claims.

Extra Staff: During the busy time of the week, or a busy season of the year, I encourage you to hire additional casual staff- extra eyes and hands in your store is also a good deterrent.

Retail Security Guard: At first hiring Security Guard for your business, could look like an expensive idea, but the presence of a Retail Security Guards at your business is an excellent deterrent against theft or shoplifting.

If you sell expensive merchandise in your retail business, and you are worried about the security of your property or store. I will advise you to hire overnight security guards for your business, kiosk or store. It could from 11 pm to 6 am; or hire at a strategic time or season that you believe criminal activity is likely to occur around your retail store or business location

You could also hire the security guard as a one-off, seasonal or what you think is best for your business. Hiring Security Guard for your business does not only act as a deterrent it is likely to reduce your insurance premium too.

Retail Security | The Police

The Police: always report any incident or attempted incident at your retail business to the Police, have a chat with your local Police and see how they can assist you in improving your retail store/business security

The police officers just like the security officers, have dealt with allot of incidence, and they are a great source of security tips and advice; they will assist you with some of the best security advice for your retail business.

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For more security tips and ideas, please find a copy of our recently published retail security book |Security| Adventure| Service.

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