0109 Request a Quote/Prices Templates x 3, Proposal Template and Employment Letter



This pack contains 3 x ‘Request a Quote/Pricing’ templates, a ‘Client Proposal/Introduction Letter’ template and an Employment Letter all in word format and easy to edit and use.

Bonus 1x Mobile Patrol Pricing-Booking Form Template and Agreement (provided upon request after purchase)


These documents are designed with four different prices that you can adjust based on your business or sales requirement to meet client quote requests. Also, the proposal template is designed with prices as well as security service delivery conditions for a client you intend to win or secure their business’ security services.

3x Request a Quote Template/Prices
1x Proposal Template (Introduction Letter)
1x Free Employee Employment Contract/Letter (with security officers code of conduct)

Bonus 1x Online Incident Report Form (upon request after purchase)

To learn more about why you need these documents and their uses, please click on this Link.

Extras, please email info@securityconcepts.com.au to let us know if you wish to add any extras after purchase:

To post hard copy: $60 extra.

To help you edit these documents based on your specifications: $50 extra.


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