Security Guards

We will provide you with highly trained and experienced security guards to look after your Infrastructure or events round the clock 24/7. Be it 2 or a 100 guards you are sure to have highly sort after guards trained in customer service and also some guards are multi lingual.

Whatever the occasion, give us a call and we will provide you with the right guard for your business or personal needs.

Event Security Guards

Major or minor events? Our job is to provide you with the best crowd control guards available with experienced supervisors coordinating all event security. We can provide event security according to your tailored requirements. Our event security guards are customer service trained and experienced; ensuring all guests and patrons have service with a smile.

Before, during and after the event, we will provide you with guards to keep your event safe and secure for all patrons.

Private Event Security Guards

We can provide security guards for your private event according to your tailored requirements. Our event security guards are customer service trained, experienced and sure to give your attendees the best service with a smile while ensuring the event is safe and secure.

Shopping Centre Security

Whether your shopping centre comprises of three stores or 500 stores. Security Concepts Services has the capability and experience to help you look after the security and customer service needs of your centre.

Our world class security book ‘SECURITY ADVENTURE SERVICE’ is a testimony of our expertise in security most especially in shopping centre’s and retail security.

Security Concepts Services, knows and understands shopping centre security inside and out. The below services we can provide are not limited, but rather a beginning of what we deliver. Our capabilities is vast in shopping centre and retail security provision and management.

Customer Service

When it comes to shopping centre security, it all boils down to two words ‘Customer Service’! Security Concepts Services will supply your shopping centre with specific security guards who are specially trained and suitable for your shopping centre. They are security officers who are highly trained on customer assistance and service.

First Aid

Over the years, Security Concepts Services have come to the knowledge of the importance of highly trained and certified first aid security officers for your business. The security officers we will be supplying you will possess exceptional first aid response experience. Not only responding to first aid but also understanding that the security officer is the first point of contact between the customer and the shopping centre management. Therefore our guards will make sure the customer requiring first aid assistance is well cared for with utmost professionalism while also adhering to centre management and centre site operating procedures (SOP).

From industry experience, the way the security officer professionally responds to a customer that requires first aid dramatically reduces the likelihood by which the customer would want to go for a claim against the shopping centre.

Security Concepts Services train all the guards on professional first aid response technique, coupled with our highly regarded book ‘SECURITY ADVENTURE SERVICE’ that explains this too.

Assisting Marketing and Retail Teams

We understand that the marketing and retail team of most shopping centres can get really busy and may require setup assistance in, during and after hours. Our security officers are able to assist you with such task and request at any moment notice.

Assisting marketing, retail, operations or maintenance teams with any extra requests will be included in the Security Site Operating Procedures.

Mobile and Foot Patrol

Security Concepts Services will supply security officers who will conduct day time roving/foot patrols in and around the shopping centre and also mobile patrols at night or day time. This patrol can be wanded, GPS or normal patrols.

Fire Panel Installation Room (FIP) /CCTV

Our security officers will be trained and skilled in monitoring FIP rooms and monitoring and operating the CCTV for your centre. Whatever is your request concerning FIP and CCTV, our security officers will adhere to centre management instructions and procedures.

Incident Reporting & Daily Log

We will supply you the best security officers for your business, who are well trained in all incident reporting and management. All incidents are captured in a sophisticated and professional format. The daily log for your shopping centre will be accurate, timely and forwarded to management daily.

Retail Security

Security Concepts Services can provide highly trained, uniformed and professional security officers for your retail store, for roving or static patrols.

Our security officers are able to perform bag checks and customer service to your entire customer, if requested by store manager/staff.

Security Concepts Services understands what it means to get customers in your store and to retain them. Our retail security officers will work for you and your customers with all smiles!

Our experienced officers go above and beyond to assist you (as requested) in your busy sales period or in any other task you might want them to help you with.

Loss Prevention

Whether it is open or covert loss prevention you require, Security Concepts Services has the capabilities to provide you with the best trained and licensed loss prevention officers (LPO) for your business.

Our loss prevention officers work in tandem with the store manager/staff and also centre security for your peace of mind.

Our loss prevention officers liaise with the Victorian Police (if requested by the retail store). We are professional and discreet in the way and manner we carry out our work in your store to prevent shrinkage.

Facilities and Construction Security

Security Concepts Services provides specialist, designed security solutions for all kinds of facilities and infrastructures.


Security Concepts Services capabilities include providing you security guards who are police checked and fingerprinted. We can also provide you with security officers who also possess Working With Children (WWC) certification, to look after your school, its assets or schooling events e.g. fete, graduations, etc.

Whatever the need is for your school, we will send you the right security officers, both male and female, who are familiar in working with children and in a school environment. Our management team will keep in touch and supervise them to make sure all school management instructions, policies and procedures are being strictly followed.

Warehouses and Factories

Do you operate a factory or a warehouse and you are worried about finding the right, ethical security company to look after your assets? No need to look any further, we can provide you with the right security guards for either short or long term. We will listen to your concerns and to exactly what you would want us to do, we will endeavour to do it to the letter.

Also, we are able to provide you with the best tips and advice on how to help improve the security of your warehouse or factory. We would select the right security guards just for your business, so they can perform and go beyond your expectation.

Construction and Building Sites

Security Concepts Services understands that the construction industry suffers a lot of losses due to a theft that occurs at the construction sites, especially after hours. Security officers we will send you are trained, alert and will make sure your construction site is well protected so when the morning trade workers arrive they can start work straight away knowing what they left the day before is still intact and ready for use in the morning.

Our security officers will be equipped with the right training and tools to help make their monitoring to be smooth and effective. Their presence can be made visible with interval patrols, both roving and mobile to make sure any undesirables are deterred from gaining access into your assets.

Office Buildings and Gatehouse

We also provide gatehouse security guards who will be trained on all your site and facility operational procedures and systems. They will make sure no unauthorized person accesses your office building or facilities.

We can also monitor all facilities CCTV, access control and BMS systems, if you feel such responsibility will be best handled by trained security officers we will assign to your site.

Residential Estates

Whether it is housing, nursing home, gated estate, Security Concepts Services is able to secure and patrol your facility and community to give all residents a peace of mind.

Whether it is a one-off or long-term contract for a security presence, Security Concepts Services is able to provide you with the right Security personnel. We will go through site inductions and other specialist training to suit your business and operate according to your requirements.

If you have multiple sites, we can also run night or day mobile patrols in your facilities, to cover a wider range of your facilities.

Corporate Security

Front of house, reception desk or guest services staff? Security Concepts Services is not just about security guards, we also provide qualified, trained and experienced front of house staff to be the face of your business that welcomes all employees and customers with a friendly face. We can also provide front of house staff that are experienced in access control and BMS, control room and corporate event security guards.

Other Services

Other services we provide are listed below, however please feel free to ask questions and we can design something that is customised to your needs:

  • - Private Parties and Functions
  • - Major Events
  • - Static Guards
  • - Control Room and Monitoring
  • - Alarm Monitoring and Response
  • - Retail Security Staff