Corporate school drop off’s and Pick up’s Melbourne

school drop off’s and Pick up’s Melbourne

Corporate school drop off’s and  Pick up’s Melbourne

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We are a security guard and other specialist solution company, that has at its management individuals that are parents. And we also understand what it means to have a busy working or social life, and it can be hard for you to drop off or pick up your kids from School.

You can also read about our school security guard services.

That is why security concepts services are here to help you with our exclusive Corporate school drop off’s and  Pick up’s Melbourne.

Whether you will be travelling overseas or interstate, or perhaps you are just too busy with your work from home or at the office. We can help with your kid’s school drop-offs and pickups.

We are the only security guard company in Victoria and perhaps in Australia that offers such dedicated boutique service, ‘ Corporate school drop off’s and  Pick up’s in Melbourne.’

Corporate school drop off’s and  Pick up’s Melbourne |How Does it work?

We will offer drivers that have been police checked, fingerprinted, have working with children check and most likely private security guard license for peace of mind of our clients.

These drivers are well dressed, eloquent and professional in their approach. They will drive pick up your kids to school and also drop them off. They can also assist in taking your kids to their sporting activities or to do some shopping and then bring them back home.

Corporate school drop off’s and  Pick up’s Melbourne

 |Category of Service

A1. Corporate School drop off and  Pick up

A3. Corporate School drop off and  Pick up ( and other extra activities, i.e. sporting activities, shopping etc.)

Corporate school drop off’s and  Pick up’s Melbourne

 |Specialist Service Hours.

Our corporate school drop off and pick up service  can be for :

  • One-off (single or a few days only)
  • One Week
  • Two Weeks to One Month
  • Or Ongoing (Three Months or more)

All our drivers will be carefully vetted and interviewed; they also will have a drivers license, working with children’s check and possible private security license for peace of mind.

We can also organise for such potential vetted-drivers to hold an interview with the client and see if they can work together.

Why you should Trust Us
  1. Because we are a reputable and ethical security guard company
  2. We are professionals in our field
  3. The Victorian police license us as a private security business
  4. Your ward/kids will be in safe hands with our drivers
  5. Your privacy is safe in our hands
  6. We will only do as the client request
  7. Experience in providing security guards for schools

Car To Use

Our drivers can use their vehicles, but the client can elect to offer their vehicle for the drivers to use if they feel their ward/kids will be more comfortable.


Take Note: This is a corporate school drop offs and pick up service and not a bodyguard service. The inclusion of private security guard is to show the client that such individuals with private security guard license have got no criminal record or history.

For a quote or further explanation on how the service works, please email us Today | | or call us at |043 411 44 73|

Photo by why kei on Unsplash

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