Construction Site Security and Facility Security

Construction Site Security and Facility Security Melbourne

Facilities and Construction Security

Security Concepts Services provides customised security services solutions for all kinds of facility security, infrastructures security and construction site security, building site security in Melbourne and Victoria.

Construction and Building Sites Security

Security Concepts Services understands that the construction industry suffers a lot of losses due to theft and vandalism that occurs at the construction and building sites; especially after hours. That is why the our construction site security guards, we will send to your site are trained, always on alert and will make sure your site is well protected. So, when the morning trade workers arrive, they can start work straight away knowing what they left behind the day before is still intact and ready for use in the morning. We provide complete construction security services in Melbourne and Victoria.

Schools Building Security

We are a security company in Victoria with capabilities that includes providing our clients with security guards who are police checked and fingerprinted. We can also provide our clients with security officers who possess White Construction Card, RSA, RSG and Working With Children (WWC) Certification, to look after your school building and assets. We can also provide dedicated school security guards patrol

Whatever the need is for your construction site, facility or school building security, we will send you the right security officers, of either gender male or female, who is familiar and experienced in working around your company, site or school environment. Our management team will also keep in touch and supervise the security guards that have been deployed to your site, making sure all site instructions, policies and procedures are being strictly followed.

Warehouses and Factories Security

Do you operate a factory or a warehouse and you are worried about finding the right, security company in Melbourne to look after your assets? No need to look any further; we can provide you with the right security guards for either short or long term. We will listen to your concerns and follow every necessary step to secure your assets.

Also, we can provide you with the best tips and advice on how to help improve the security of your warehouse or factory. We would select the right security guards just for your business, so they can perform and meet all expectations.

Our construction site and facility security officers will be equipped with the right training and tools to help make their job smooth and effective. Their presence can be made visible with interval patrols, both roving and mobile to make sure any undesirables are deterred from gaining access into your site.
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Office Buildings and Gatehouse

We also provide gatehouse security guards services who will be trained on all your site and facility operational procedures and systems. They will make sure no unauthorized person accesses your office building or facilities.

We can also monitor all facilities CCTV, access control and BMS systems, if you feel such responsibility will be best handled by trained security officers we will assign to your site.

Residential Estates

Our residential estate security services could be, nursing home, gated estate, Security Concepts Services is able to secure and patrol your facility and community to give all residents a peace of mind.

Whether it is a one-off or long-term contract for a security guard presence, Security Concepts Services is able to provide you with the right Security personnel. We will go through site inductions and other specialist training to suit your business and operate according to your requirements.

If you have multiple sites, we can also run night or day mobile patrols in your facilities, to cover a wider range of your facilities.