Affordable Security Hire : Quality Service

Affordable security hire

Affordable Security Hire – Why Hire The Best Security

Security Concepts Services offers very affordable security hire prices in Melbourne or affordable security guard contract rate.

If you are looking to hire one-off or casual security guards hire; we also offer such security services. We are a reputable and Google 5 stars review-rated Security Services Company in Melbourne.

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the best security services in Melbourne and the best security guards in Melbourne. By linking our clients to the best, we also endeavour to train our security personnel in best security practice and customer service. So our clients will always have smart, experienced and capable security guards at their site, event or business.

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[one_second]For the following security services solutions:


  • Corporate Security Hire
  • Retail Security Hire
  • Event Crowd Controllers Hire
  • Event Security Guards Hire
  • Security Mobile Patrol Hire
  • Loss Prevention Officers Hire
  • -Static Retail Security Guard
  • Construction Security Guard Hire
  • Asset Protection Management
  • School Security Guards Hire
  • Private Residential Estate Security Guards Hire
  • Control Room and Monitoring [/one_second] 

[one_second]Quality Security Personel

All our Security Guards and Crowd Controllers are well trained, licensed and professional in their approach. They are also trained in customer service to deliver outstanding customer experience to all your patrons and customers.

Security Guard Hire Prices Melbourne

Even though we are offering security guard rates, that does not diminish the quality of our service delivery to our clients. You also may be wondering if you will get value for money. Our answer to you is, ‘yes’ you will get value for money. Because we will only assign the most qualified and licensed security guards to your business, site or event.[/one_second]

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Affordable Security Guards Hire

Why are our prices low and we still promise quality service? That is a good question! Our overhead is very small, but efficient. We have developed a unique security system to deliver low-cost security guard services to clients, but yet effective.

We have got some of Australias best security guard and event management team. We have also designed a cost-effective way to train our guards- by writing our own training materials- which is available for other security companies and businesses to purchase and train their own guards.

Our Managing director is a security industry expert, having worked as a security guard and now an author of a published security book, and started our unique security company.

So we understand the client’s needs, and we also know how to vet the right security guards, that will fit in with the clients business and brand. We will also conduct a client’s site, event or business risk assessment, and only recommend the right number of security guards the client requires.

 People Before Profit

Though profit is important to every business, we take into account the most important factor for a business; ‘ client/customer satisfaction!’ and that is our aim. To deliver quality security guard service, at an affordable rate, and to keep the client happy, and in turn, the client is likely to retain our security services.

 Security Guards Welfare

You may also ask, ‘ what about the security guards?’ not to worry, we adhere to our obligation, to pay all our security guards the security industry award wage, as stipulated by the fair work commission.

Our margin may be low, but our promise to our client and employee to deliver outstanding service, and also pay our staff the right wage is been met. That is why we are a unique security company, called security concepts services.

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