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Treinamento de atirador ativo
Treinamento de atirador ativo: resposta de ataque terrorista
Treinamento de atirador ativo

                    Active Shooter, Terrorist Attack  Response


T oday’s content is an educational tool that has been created to help bring a better understanding and proffer some of the best and commonly acceptable tactics to respond to an active-violence, threat, or terrorist-attack situations.

You will agree that almost every few days on the news, there is a report of a school shooting, active shooting or some terrorist attack situation somewhere around the world.

Preparing and responding to all active-shooter situation is the responsibility of everyone. So I hope as you read this material that you will have better awareness to prepare and deal with an active shooter situation.

What is Active Shooter

An active shooter is an armed and dangerous assailant that is set on the attack, causing mass casualty in a confined environment. Such a controlled environment could be schools, place of worship, office building, public gathering space etc. Active shooters are often unpredictable. Active shooter situation often happens within minutes before law enforcement arrives. An active shooter could be motivated by political, religious or various personal reasons to carry out their acts.

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A critical way to deal with an active shooter is ‘ prepare well.’ Don’t assume because it happens in another state or country, it can’t happen at your state, country, school or place of work.

It is important for your workplace or school to prepare this way:

  • Create an active shooter response plan
  • Conduct active shooter drills a few times a year
  • Create and have your building plan available for emergency use
  • Know every exit in your working or school environment
  • Have a security or active- shooter response coordinator among your employees
  • Be aware of your soundings



The next step to deal with an active shooter situation is to prevent it from happening. Prevention does not mean confronting the assailant. It simply means:

  • Observe and report concerning behaviours from, employees, students or patrons
  • If you see something say something
  • Where aggressive behaviour is observed report to security or Police
  • Report every threat made to security or police



Counter-Terrorism Experts widely agree on this point; that during an active shooter scenario; Run, Hide or Fight. Your response during an active shooter incident is critical to your survival and the survival of others.

Some important response point to note:

  • Call the police – if it is safe to do so
  • Give the police the best description of the perpetrator
  • What kind of weapons they have, what they are wearing, how many are they
  • Don’t hang up the phone, so the emergency services line can listen to what is happening
  • If the assailant is neutralised or overpowered, don’t touch the weapon, confine it in a safe place until law enforcement arrives


Run: The first and most important response to an active shooter is to run.  And here are some critical points to note before you run:

  • Don’ run towards the active shooter, run opposite
  • Leave behind any bags or valuable that could slow your run
  • Run towards the safest exits
  • If possible warn others along the way, so they don’t run towards the assailant
  • If an injured person can’t move or will slow you down, leave them behind for emergency personnel to assist
  • Run away from fire, not towards the fire



Hide: If you are unable to run during an active shooter scenario, look for the nearest safe place to hide.

Here are some essential hiding tips:

  • Hide in a space where there are entry doors.
  • Secure all entry doors while inside.
  • If possible, ad extra barriers to reinforce the doors.
  • Don’t hide in front of the door, hide behind a solid physical barrier – to avoid being shot.
  • Turn off the lights while inside.
  • Stay silent and turn your phone to silent (not vibrate.)
  • Make sure while hiding you, you the group spread around the space, and not crowd in a single spot.
  • Remain calm, don’t cry, don’t engage in any act that to could give away your cover.
  • If it is safe to call the Police while hiding, do so.
  • Speak with low tones.
  • Remain hidden until law enforcement gives the ‘ all clear.’


Fight: Deciding to fight should only be the last resort where you have got nothing else to do, and you are certainly going to be confronted by the active shooter, that is when you should consider fighting.

And your aim when fighting is to stay alive; do all you can to neutralise the active shooter.

Essential tips to fight an active shooter:

  • Look for objects around that you can use as a weapon ( i.e. fire extinguishers, fire hose reel, chairs etc.)
  • Keep the lights turned off if you are still hiding.
  • Create a distraction to take the assailant down if you are in a group.


Law Enforcement Arrival:

Research has shown active shooter scenarios last for about a few minutes. It is crucial to run, hide, fight or stay alive during an active shooter incident. But one good point to note is; during the arrival of law enforcement agents. The law enforcement officer may not be aware of who is the assailant, to avoid being shot by law enforcement agents do this:

  • Remain hidden where you are, until an all-clear has been issued.
  • Obey every instruction and order the law enforcement officers shouts at you.
  • Place both hands on your head when walking towards the law enforcement officers.
  • Assist the law enforcement officers with any request, such as providing building plan
  • If you are ordered to lay on the floor by the law enforcement officers, obey.
  • Once all clear is issued, report to the law enforcement officers any information you believe might be useful for their investigation.


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Credit goes to Business Insider, and North Western University. Video: Chabot College Television, Images: Photo by Specna Arms on Unsplash





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