About Security Concepts Services

We take seriously your security needs and requirements

Security Concepts Services - Secured Right

Security Concepts Services is a business that provides security services to people in Victoria. We are an ethically run security company with the sole purpose of redefining how individuals, communities, buildings, business, and infrastructure are being protected. Delivering quality customer service is our main priority.

Security Concepts Services is born out of 2nd generation security tradition that spans two continents and countless hours of ideas/concepts of modernising how the 21st century security should be carried out in Australia with a customer service focus.

We take personally your security needs and requirements, in loss prevention we treat it like we own it. We endeavour to give you the best possible service to secure your business or event. While your business or event is in our hands you have peace of mind it’s in secure hands.

Due to the amount of security experience we have, we make sure our security staff assigned to your business and or event are of the very best in the industry.

Security over profit - we are driven to guard, protect your Infrastructure, event or business, so we focus more on security over profit as quality of services and job satisfaction delivered to our client is what leads to our growth and continued business relationship.

Why Choose Us?

We are Australian owned and operated company. All profits stay in Australia and all our employees are paid with a Tax File Number record, so Security Concepts Services and its employees pay taxes (no cash in hand). This builds our economy and makes Australia a better place for now and for future generations.

Our security officers are paid the right and legal wage, therefore a good portion of what our client’s pay actually goes towards the security officers they are hiring.

We don’t under quote just to get a job, and then supply you under trained security guards, who are underpaid security officers who will be working unhappy for our clients! The security guards also wouldn’t care as much about your infrastructure assets, business or event because they are not trained or paid enough. Unfortunately, as a few other security company competitors do.

Your infrastructure assets, events and business is valuable. Our promise is, we will supply you security officer’s that are licensed, paid the right wage and will do the job for you.